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Aims & scope

Heritage Science is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research covering:

  • Understanding of the manufacturing processes, provenances, and environmental contexts of material types, objects, and buildings, of cultural significance including their historical significance.
  • Understanding and prediction of physico-chemical and biological degradation processes of cultural artefacts, including climate change, and predictive heritage studies.
  • Development and application of analytical and imaging methods or equipments for non-invasive, non-destructive or portable analysis of artwork and objects of cultural significance to identify component materials, degradation products and deterioration markers.
  • Development and application of invasive and destructive methods for understanding the provenance of objects of cultural significance.
  • Development and critical assessment of treatment materials and methods for artwork and objects of cultural significance.
  • Development and application of statistical methods and algorithms for data analysis to further understanding of culturally significant objects.
  • Publication of reference and corpus datasets as supplementary information to the statistical and analytical studies above.
  • Description of novel technologies that can assist in the understanding of cultural heritage.

Editor's profile

Richard Brereton

Richard Brereton

Professor Richard Brereton is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Statistical Society and Royal Society of Medicine. He graduated with a BA, MA and PhD from the University of Cambridge. He has published some 400 articles, including 7 books, and has been cited around 3000 times. He has given over 150 invited lectures in 30 countries. He is currently director of Brereton Consultancy and Emeritus Professor at the University of Bristol. His interests are primarily in data analysis including pattern recognition as applied to primarily analytical data from various sources including objects of cultural significance.

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